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Sale Villa in Jarabacoa, Constanza.


The area of Jarabacoa is popularly known as the City of Eternal Spring due to its pleasant year round temperature of 23 degrees Celsius.

Only here you will find a huge plantations of strawberries and orchids. In addition, in Jarabacoa grows the largest number of pine trees in the caribbean.

Luxury Villa surrounded by nature, located at a height of 1000 meters above the sea level in the mountains of Jarabacoa, in the project's most prestigious mountain of the country, Fifths of the Forest.

It is a truly unique that you will never stop enjoying. Wake up with the chirping of the birds, breathe in the fresh mountain air, enjoy the sunset sitting on the fireplace or with a view of the lights of the city. All this will be available to you every day.

Located in a large batch of 4500 m2, which will allow you to walk on trails and enjoy the different areas, the property has a unique design and access from paved road.

This modern property has 390 m2 of construction distributed in three modules (two rooms and a social one), laundry area, steps of connection, among others.

Metal and wood, completely insulated, and concrete in a smaller proportion, to blend with nature: mountains, pine trees, shrubs and tropical flowers

Home / main Room:
This suite can comfortably accommodate a couple with two children. Features:
– Room /study
– Full kitchen
– Bathroom and closet
– Terrace with jacuzzi
– Air conditioning (not included in the price)
– Fireplace laptop Danish (not included in the price)
– Smart Home System (not included in the price)
With easy access to the •washing area, so that it can be used as a house completely independent and without the need to get out of it.

Guest house:
A guest house with a beautiful view of the mountains and the town.
Consists of:
– 1 master bedroom with a full bathroom (including tub) and a terrace
– 1 secondary bedroom
– Mezzanine
– 1 full bathroom
– Kitchennete
– Terrace

It can comfortably accommodate 8 people and without a doubt, is very convenient if guests come or family members.

Living / dining room with fireplace:
This area deserves special attention. With large stained-glass windows and an authentic wood-burning fireplace made of marble, is great • living room will become your favorite place. In the morning, it is pleasant to meet the dawn here with a cup of coffee. By night, enjoy the view of the starry sky in the company of their loved ones.
In addition, you can enjoy a tasty lunch here, since it also features:
• dining room,
• bbq facilities and a
• fully equipped kitchen for cooking for a large group of people, as well as a
• half bath.

Area construction: 390mts2
Sale price US$750,000 without furniture




Total area:



390 m2

Flat, round, extra:




Balcony, Garden, private Terrace


View of the mountains

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