Successful reunion of Elton John with the dominican public


For an hour and forty five minutes seduced an audience that enjoyed the show

Elton John is reunited with the dominican public at the opening gala of The Golden Park.

The artist, accompanied by his piano and a rhythmic base sequenced laid a hand to a repertoire that mixed pop ballads and rock.

During his performance, the british maintained their faultless voice and piano performance with your unmatched quality. An audiovisual production served as an accomplice to the legendary artist, who since he came to the stage, took the applause of the public.

For an hour and forty five minutes seduced an audience that enjoyed the show, the first since his retirement from the stage.

The legendary artist thanked the dominicans, at the time that he recalled that this was the second occasion that he was acting in the country.

“Thank you for being here at the opening of this wonderful place,” he said in greeting the public who came to the opening of the amphitheatre located in Cap Cana.

When the artist took the stage, the audience was not full, however, he sang the entire lung for those who came on time to the appointment. Each one of the songs that she performed, he received the applause of the attendees. In your reperotorio there was no shortage of titles such as "Sacrific"; "Cold Heart", "Roketman" and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road".

At 76 years of age and with limited movements due to their problems with his hip, in every moment showed full understanding of the scene, showing that his voice keeps shine and strength.

This was the first performance of the artist following the announcement of his retirement from the stage.

Contrary to what usually happens in most of the concerts, this time there were additional interpretation of songs when when he played the last song. Despite the claims of the hearing, he did not return to the scene. The celebration of the inauguration concluded with a massive release of fireworks.

Source: Diario Libre

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